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History Of Guns exist to fight evil, oppression and each other.

last updated 27th Nov 2001

Hear the latest History Of Guns song 'The Mirror Pond' in Real Audio (courtesy of Burbs)

Kev Gerrish, Max Rael, Del Alien and Gary Hughes.

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History Of Guns are pleased to announce they have recorded 9 tracks for their next album, provisionally titled 'The Mirror Pond LP'. The majority of the tracks have been cowritten by Max Rael, Kevin Gerrish and Del Alien. Completed track titles include: Soaked, Compassion Fatigue, Tunnel, Moonburn, Journey, and The Mirror Pond.

History Of Guns announced today (30th Oct 2001) two planned projects. The first is to be a compilation containing some of their best works to date (and we are promised some rare tracks!!) Currently no track details or title has been provided.
Secondly (and more excitingly!) a new album of dark electronica provisionally titled, 'Flashes Of Light' to be written and recorded entirely by Max Rael and Del Alien during the winter.

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History Of Guns are a non-profit organisation promoting freedom of the individual, deviant sexual practices, and dark, electro goth-rock music.

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