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'Fatboy Slim meets Joy Divison - History Of Guns are the pioneers of post-industrial goth'
BlueMetal Zine

History Of Guns exist to fight evil, oppression and each other.

last updated 7th October 2002

History Of Guns 'Fish' Remixes now available!'

Del Alien, Max Rael, Kevin Gerrish.

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New line-up
History Of Guns are pleased to announce that from October 2002, they have a new lineup:
Vocals - Del Alien, Keyboards/Guitar - Max Rael, Bass Guitar - The Goose, Guest Lead Guitar - The Blue Reverend.
They've already started writing/rehearsing with new songs coming thick and fast; early titles include: Annihilation, Your Obedient Servants and Grab At Hold
With all this exciting new material being produced the band have relunctantly put the The Flashes of Light project on hold for the forseeable future.
The band hope to play some live dates in the new year

The Disconnect EP
The long-awaited follow up to the Little Miss Suicide is finally available!!
To order your copy please send 3.00 / $5.00 cheque/p.o./cash (incl. p&p) to:
history of guns, c/o Liquid Len Records, PO Box 165, Hertford, SG13 7ZN, ENGLAND.
Or pay by Paypal, click here for details

Max Rael Remixes Fish...
It's any little boys' dream to work with one of his all time-heroes...
Well this is exactly what happened when 'Fish' (former lead vocalist with Marillion) asked h.o.g's max rael to remix three tracks
to feature on a companion disc to his latest masterpiece, 'Fellini Days'. The CD can now be bought separately by following this link to Fish's website
It is listed in the albums section as: 'FS099 - Fellini Days Companion CD. 5' Yes that's right!!! ONLY FIVE OF YOUR EARTH POUNDS!!!!!!
When ordering, why not, if you don't mind (and why would you?), mention in the comments section that you found the details on the history of guns website...
But only if you want to... history of guns would never ask you to do anything you didn't want to! ;-D

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Forthcoming Projects:
More remixes!!
After the success of the Fish remixes (see above) History Of Guns' Max Rael has been asked to remix some tracks
for talented scottish singer/songwriter Jo McCafferty. You can visit her website here!!

Scheduled for release on 11th November 2002 is the next History Of Guns CD, 'The Mirror Pond E.P.!!
The tracklisting (subject to argument) will probably be: Moonburn, Tunnel (Skin Can't Breathe), Journey (Mimozine), The Mirror Pond (full version)
Final mastering and artwork design is currently taking place.
Pre-order your copy by sending chq/postal order payable to 'History Of Guns' for 3.00 / $5.00 to: history of guns, c/o Liquid Len Records, PO Box 165, Hertford, SG13 7ZN, ENGLAND

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History Of Guns are a non-profit organisation promoting freedom of the individual, deviant sexual practices, and dark, electro goth-rock music.

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