"The person who gives up his individual self and becomes an automaton, identical with millions of other automatons around him, need not feel alone and anxious any more. But the price he pays, however, is high; it is the loss of his self." (erich fromm)

New Promo CD APOSPEMIA (Free Download)


FLASHES OF LIGHT LP now available from Amazon

History Of Guns new song - YOUR OBEDIENT SERVANTS mp3

why are you reading this why are we here? you looking at this screen reading these words, you want to stand up and fight back, resist resist resist, your mission starts on the links page

(l-r The Goose, Del Gun, The Reverend, Max Rael, Fester)

News :

History Of Guns LIVE!
Next dates:
Wed 25th May 2005, Purple Turtle (Camden)
Fri 3rd June 2005, Hertford Marquee Club (Herts)
Sat 4th June 2005, The Doctors Tonic (Welwyn Garden City)

see them before they die

Free download of new promo cd
All 400 free copies of the new History Of Guns promo CD, APOSPEMIA have now been taken...
but fear not! With thanks to Deathboy, the whole cd is now available for free download from: [here]
Download individual tracks, or just click on History of Guns.zip to get the whole thing.

A quick guide to the tracks:

SAVE BARNEY is electro punk

SPOONBURN is a floaty remix of previous guns track MOONBURN by sometime guns collaborator Daaaan Vincent

BREAK! is dark drum & bass courtesty of Hughes The Reverend

TOMB is live guns

YOU ARE NOTHING is just a load of shouting

INSIDE YOUR HEAD is max and del jamming after a tonne of vodka, then they added a few beats and sfx... Apparently they didn't develop it for the album 'cos they felt it was stylistically a bit similar to stuff from the debut album, FLASHES OF LIGHT LP.

COMMERCIAL contains clips from forthcoming new album APOPHENIA LP and various other things curiously cobbled together into a mildly entertaining sound collage...

New promo CD
And we all thought History Of Guns second album Apophenia would be the next release...
Bizarrely History Of Guns have released a new promo cd titled "Apospemia (a collection of b-sides)".

This new cd contains soundclips of songs from the forthcoming album mixed up into a curious audio montage, followed by what the band describe as "tracks which in an alternative universe would have been the b-sides to all the massively successful singles from new guns album Apophenia..."

Confused? Have the guns gone too far this time?!
Find out for yourself... a limited quantity of the new promos are available free of charge to visitors to this site

Where is Apophenia?
When asked in the pub when History Of Guns highly anticipated second album APOPHENIA would actually be released, the guns looked a little shifty. Del Gun said it was well all Max's fault... Max Rael mumbled something about it being down to Fester... and Fester just smiled with an insane grin in his eye...
When pressed further as to whether the rumours were true that they'd spent all the profits from sales of Flashes Of Light LP on 500 hour long Whitby Promos that they'd given away for nothing Max Rael said, 'Look the cds will be out when the time is right, that is we've got a plan... right... and there's stuff about funding and everything but we're not gonna let you down... it's just... it's going to be worth the wait'

1) Death Of A Nation
2) Your Obedient Servants
3) I Am / You Are
4) One In Three
5) Apophenia
6) Divide And Conquer
7) Does Anyone Remember The War?
8) TV Spotlight
9) Battle Of The Bands
10) History Of Guns / After The Breakdown

History Of Guns 27 Paces DVD
"In a departure from the messed up blend of dark ambient and noisy beats of debut album
FLASHES OF LIGHT LP, the guns played a breathtaking high energy industrial punk set"...

The History Of Guns gig on August 14th 2004 at The Marquee Club in Hertford was professionally
filmed by new independent film company GOAT Films as part of a new short film about History Of Guns,
titled "27 Paces"
It will be available to buy on DVD for five pounds at the History Of Guns gig at the Purple Turtle in Camden
on 25th May 2005

History Of Guns blend experimental ambient, crunchy beats, white noise chaos and more melodic
elements for their acclaimed debut album 'Flashes Of Light LP'!

"An astonishing piece of music" - Cool Noise

"Oddly brilliant, like a goth metal Underworld" - Metal Hammer

"they are, by far, the most inventive UK band to have got their hands caught
in the Industrial threshing machine." - Mick Mercer

"the single most startling album i've heard so far during 2004" - Adrian Denning Reviews

"Scary as hell, but just as fiery." - Teletext

(used with permission, (thanks to all concerned!), full reviews in the Press section)

The album sells for GBP 9.99 (plus a pound postage to anywhere in the world).
FREE DOWNLOADS & secure online ordering from Dark Cell

New Meads Of Asphodel album
History Of Guns' Max Rael co-wrote a couple and added keyboards/programming to a few tracks
of their new album, 'Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua'...
Also the first 1000 copies of the cd feature the bonus track "Book Of Dreams - History Of Guns remix"

On release the album was awarded Album Of The Month in Terrorizer Magazine!
Online ordering is available direct from Supernal Music or Amazon

History Of Guns are independent artists who often give their work away for nothing... all art should be free... but then so should food. Help us to make more music by donating a couple of pounds:

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Your Obedient Servants
It starts with the suppression of feelings
Spontaneity slowly eroded
By the condescending lies
Told by parents everywhere
Taught how to feel how to react Who you like and who you hate
To always wear a fucking false smile or youíll never get anywhere

We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants

At school they try to fill you facts
Anything to stop you thinking
Whatís the use of this information?
The ultimate aim - a television game show
Now donít ever think about your death
Smile and laugh and always be nice
Itís all to prepare you ...
For the commercialisation of friendliness

We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants

The word emotional now means unbalanced
And truth has become relative
We think weíre free in our democracy
Not slaves to an invisible authority
Freedom of expression only counts
Freedom of expression only counts
Freedom of expression only counts
...If weíve our own thoughts to express

We remain...

copyright 2004

History Of Guns are a non-profit organisation promoting freedom of the individual, deviant sexual practices, and dark, electro goth-rock music.

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