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Where are we?

History Of Guns have signed a record contract with LINEOUT RECORDS to release their proper album ACEDIA in October 2007...
We are HISTORY OF GUNS, please kill us.
photo by Titan
History Of Guns: The Crown, Hunsdon, 12th November 2006, taken by Titan. (l-r Goose, Max, Del, Stagger)


After years of being fiercely independent, History Of Guns are delighted to have finally sold out and signed to LINE OUT RECORDS.
History Of Guns are currently writing album three , ACEDIA due to be released in October 2007. Current tracks planned for inclusion are 'Born, Brutalised, Bought Then Buried', 'Nothing' and live favourite, 'Empty Eyes'.
More news as we have it.


It's like a magazine only it's music... and it's free...
Issue One - UDDERS Issue Two - Electricity Is The Answer Issue Three - Poker Face Issue Four - Whitby Oct'06 Promo In an interview for the release of Apophenia, History Of Guns stated that they 'usually worked very quickly.' 'How come the album's taken two years then?' responded the interviewer... Cue History Of Guns stupidly announcing their plan to release a limited edition free cd every two months for at least a year. Just before ISSUE FIVE - December '06 - THE SOUND OF DREAMS DYING was completed the band announced the postponement of the series to allow the band to concentrate on writing and recording their new album ACEDIA for LINE OUT RECORDS.

Issue One - March '06 - UDDERS. Limited to 44 copies. Sold out. Click here for free download!
Issue Two - May '06 - ELECTRICITY IS THE ANSWER. Ltd to 55 copies. Sold out. Free d/load soon
Issue Three - July '06 - POKER FACE. Ltd to 60 copies. now shipping! Send request to: historyofguns@hotmail.com
Issue Four - October '06 - Whitby Promo. Ltd to 255 copies. now shipping! For your copy send mail to: historyofguns@hotmail.com

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These limited edition cds made up of: works in progress, demo versions, remixes (of Guns and by Guns), instrumentals, b-sides, abandoned tracks from the archives, experiments and so on... Among the questions we hope to answer are, is creativity a muscle and by the end of the series we'll be writing solid gold, or is creativity a finite quantity and by the end we'll have completely run out of ideas and be releasing live albums, and 'experimental' stuff of us shouting obscenities drunkenly into the microphone...

Guns at amazon  

new album APOPHENIA
an album in two halves "Apophenia is an excellent release. It's unconventional, messy, dirty and fun. A lot of times when you experiment it doesn't quite work out - but every now and then you might invent the light bulb or figure out a new way to apply an enhanced synthesizer. In History of Guns' case, they've done the latter, creating an example of unfettered strangeness in a sea of blase dark rock." - Marcus Pan (Legends Magazine)

"there is no-one in the UK capable of unleashing a high pedigree sonic firestorm like the HOG boys, although their worrying mental disturbance does indicate that they have been taken to locations they can no longer remember, recorded under duress, and there is clear evidence Del has been tortured. (Good.)" - Mick Mercer

picture by Kirk Toft History Of Guns have been booked to play the UK's most popular goth festival. The festival is on Friday 21st April & 22nd April 2006, (but there's plenty of drinking and adventures to be had before and after).
For more information click: Whitby Gothic Weekend
nb: Special one-off warm up gig at Hertford Marquee Club on Thursday 23rd March!
It'll be the last chance to catch the full 5-piece lineup of History Of Guns for a while as after they've played Whitby HUGHES and GOOSE will leave the band.
photo taken by David McKnight
History Of Guns at Whitby 21/04/06
(c) David McKnight

why are you reading this why are we here? you looking at this screen reading these words, you want to stand up and fight back before death comes? resist resist resist? click links for more information

and it's goodbye ruby tuesday... come home After a particularly brutal rehearsal tempers were running thin. It was Del's birthday. People got annoyed and there was fighting. Hughes had had enough of playing drums for the past few years. Goose had had enough of playing the bass. Del punched Goose in the testicles. And it's so long... farewell... auf wiedersehen pet...
We're hoping hughes won't go far, having been a part-time member since the beginning of the guns, over the years popping up on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards... as well as being responsible for classic guns tracks Break! and LMS. He's got a busy musical schedule for the next year or so with new and exciting projects, but don't worry he'll continue to crop up when you least expect him in gunsland.
Goose is off to explore a new life with new clothes and maybe a new haircut for a while. He's selling his bass to become a guitarist in a new band. But as always the guns door never fully closes... (del, fix those hinges)

*NEWSFLASH* MAY'06 - We are delighted to announce that GOOSE has rejoined the band! we love him muchly

this is a temporary image... Limited to only 44 copies, History Of Guns new EP UDDERS is available whilst stocks last. For your copy please send your address to us at: historyofguns@hotmail.com

Each cd is lovingly handmade by Max Rael whilst drunk using a cdr burner, a selection of different coloured pens, and the cheapest packaging materials known to man. In fact it may well be impossible to remove the cd from the packaging, and there's a reasonable chance that the playable area of the cdr will be covered in smudged silver ink rendering the disc useless.

NB: The cd contains works in progress and tracks that wouldn't normally be considered for commercial release... experiments in unforgiving genres... in other words UDDERS is not suitable as an introduction to History Of Guns... (see Apophenia) UDDERS = for gunsfans only...
NNB: see that image to the left, it's just from google, it hasn't featured in any the actual artwork of any versions made so far... hmmm....

Damascus Steel - The Meads Of Asphodel History Of Guns' MAX RAEL has once again cowritten and contributed keyboards to a couple of tracks on the new MEADS OF ASPHODEL album, DAMASCUS STEEL which was awarded 'Album Of The Month' in the December '05 issue of Terrorizer

Visit the meads website

Order DAMASCUS STEEL from: Amazon

OLDER News :

History Of Guns have a remix included on the new release from XYKOGEN, MUTATE AND SURVIVE EP.
Track listing:

1. mutate and survive
2. killing method
3. kick

+ remixes by Deathboy, DJ Echo, Mark Eris, Snuff Radio, History of Guns, temp0rary, Freudstein, and Tarantella Serpentine + more

The best news of all is that it's free! click XYKOGEN for more info...

History Of Guns long awaited follow-up to their debut album FLASHES OF LIGHT LP is now available!

1) Death Of A Nation
2) Your Obedient Servants
3) I Am / You Are
4) One In Three
5) Apophenia
6) Divide And Conquer
7) Does Anyone Remember The War? [censored version]
8) TV Spotlight
9) Battle Of The Bands
10) History Of Guns / After The Breakdown


History Of Guns are pleased to announce the release of their first dvd, TWENTY SEVEN PACES.
The 67 minute DVD contains a film made by GOAT FILMS which includes live footage, backstage stuff and interviews. It sells for just 4.99 to the UK or 5.99 ROW... click Shop for more info...

The Fictional Life Of Max Rael
History Of Guns's Max Rael features as a fictional character in the new book 'The Loch' by author Steven Alten.
details at Amazon

History Of Guns are independent artists who often give their work away for nothing... all art should be free... but then so should food. Send us some money via paypal and we'll make and send a special cd just for you...

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Your Obedient Servants
It starts with the suppression of feelings
Spontaneity slowly eroded
By the condescending lies
Told by parents everywhere
Taught how to feel how to react Who you like and who you hate
To always wear a stupid false smile or you’ll never get anywhere

We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants

At school they try to fill you facts
Anything to stop you thinking
What’s the use of this information?
The ultimate aim - a television game show
Now don’t ever think about your death
Smile and laugh and always be nice
It’s all to prepare you ...
For the commercialisation of friendliness

We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants
We remain your obedient servants

The word emotional now means unbalanced
And truth has become relative
We think we’re free in our democracy
Not slaves to an invisible authority
Freedom of expression only counts
Freedom of expression only counts
Freedom of expression only counts
...If we’ve our own thoughts to express

We remain...

lyrics (c) 2004


"The person who gives up his individual self and becomes an automaton, identical with millions of other automatons around him, need not feel alone and anxious any more. But the price he pays, however, is high; it is the loss of his self." (erich fromm)
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