Title: Issue One: UDDERS
Release date: March 2006. Cat: ISSUE1

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1. Fall Down
2. Vernon Kaye Must Die
3. An Avalanche Of Doors
4. Killing Method by Xykogen (History Of Guns remix)
5. Meet Me Here
6. All In The Mind by Psychophile (History Of Guns remix)
7. 1 in 3 [proto]
8. Formeads

UDDERS.jpg artwork
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nb: experience engine who are kindly hosting these downloads would like to point out that they had nothing to do with the design of the History Of Guns website, and of course any views expressed by History Of Guns do not necessarily reflect the views of experience engine themselves.

Our thanks also to the wonderful Psychophile and Xykogen for their permission to include our remixes of their songs here for download. More information and yet more free music can be found at their websites.

Issue 1: UDDERS

Issue One of History Of Guns free bi-monthly EP series. Originally released in March 2006 and limited to 44 copies, each one hand customised by Max Rael whilst drunk with a selection of different coloured pens. Now available as a free download!

The track Fall Down was originally planned to be exclusive to the Out Of Madness charity compilation put together by Paul from Church Of Madness and Bob from Line Out Records, which sadly fell through. This is now the second time we've been asked to submit an exclusive track for a charity cd, that we've done and then the project's fallen through... the other track being Save Barney, (later released on Apospemia.)

History Of Guns' Xykogen remix, originally appeared on the Xykogen cd 'Mutate And Survive EP'

A different version of History Of Guns' Psychophile remix, originally appeared on the Psychophile cd 'All In The Mind [Versions]'

'Formeads' was orginally written for the Meads Of Asphodel album, "In the name of God, Welcome to Planet Genocide" but alas it was not to be...

Tracks 1, 2, 6 & 8 written by Max Rael. Track 3 written by Alien/Fester/Goose/Hughes/Rael. Track 4 written by Xykogen. Track 7 written by Lucy Pointycat.
Photography by Max Rael, "Victoria Line" taken at 10:55pm 27/02/06.

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Mick Mercer review:
(taken from: http://www.mickmercer.com )
Not For Hot Drinks

When I was a kid my dad occasionally took me to see my grandparents in Brixton in the 1960’s, and our midway stop was Waterloo station, where I was always transfixed by an imposing advertising hoarding (no idea for what) placed atop the ever-changing destination boards display. It was an illuminated sign showing a coin which could drop to the right or left, and it was up to you to guess which. For some reason this reminded of it. As they often do, which is just weird. There must be something wrong with me.

Oh and that’s not the label name, just a crafty bit of subliminal mind control the boys are now working on, whereby they dictate your every movement. It is cruel, it’s illegal and indicative of their new approach, and I’m sure there will be more for this is one of the monthly-ish promos they’re throwing out, and the throbbing ‘Fall Down’ remains hilarious with a thumping great rhythm most bands couldn’t even envisage let alone squander the way they do. Abusive phone messages on top, epic potential beneath, with incendiary percussion. One day, maybe before they all die, I hope they’re going to take something and play it straight, turning heads faster than the Exorcist.

‘Vernon Kaye Must Die’ obviously strikes a chord with society and musically it’s almost what I suggested above with a brilliant city noir edge bleeding into seething surrounds. I like the mayhem they wield as much as anyone, but here they’re getting into richly imaginative work. It shudders a bit too much instead of bringing in the sweeter wash earlier, and then stops in a ridiculously abrupt manner, at which point you’re debating bringing back the death penalty.

A gabba gabba heyday would be how seismologists describe ‘An Avalanche Of Doors’ with vocals ranting at the frayed hem. It’s a bit daft with drills and a shambles of a beat overlay, then ‘Killing Method’ is an Xykogen song, I gather, and an interesting, brooding miasma of electronic gruel and weary, vocal despair. ‘I’ll Meet You’re Here’ starts demure but soon an evil pervasive swamp of sounds pulls the listener into the darkness and again this has great scope, and as these are basically their own works in progress we can expect so much more!

‘All In The Mind’ is a Psychophile tune and a flirtatiously bombastic gem it is too, remixed with grumpy élan (a bellicose French mate of theirs). ‘I In 3’ is more typical flabby threshing which is wonderfully addictive and achieves a compulsive nightmarish quality before we end in style, or almost. The morons. ‘Formeads’ has a filthy rhythm track which craftily transforms into something quite beautiful and then just as quickly resumes its angular and angry industrial march into the sunset only to suffers inexplicable emotional torment ,ending its day as twittering ethereal nonsense!

I’ve said it before, but this bunch throw away better ideas than some bands come up with in an entire existence. Curiously though having something like this borders on infuriation, because which way will they fall? The tension is dreadful.

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