Title: No Holy Additives - Part 3 Release date: July 1999

Contains History Of Guns track: (click track title for lyrics)

1. Random Death Bag vs2.0
Written by Max Rael

Additional Information
This was the first song recorded by the Guns at their newly built Dustman Studios and was specially remixed for the compilation album 'No Holy Additives - Part 3'
The orginial version can be found on the first History Of Guns album, 'Enough Is Too Much' and features a guitar solo from Gary Hughes.

Apparently the song title came from a dream Max Rael had in which the band were on stage playing a song called 'Random Death Bag'... though on waking he couldn't remember how it was supposed to go!

Complete Tracklisting: The Meads of Asphodel - 'The Watchers of Catal Huyuk', Phantasia - 'Winifreds Grave', Reign of Erebus - 'Thy Infernal', Ewigkeit - 'The Legend of Keshara', Dying Day - 'Planet Earth', Dag Mora - 'Something Wicked…', History of Guns - 'Random Death Bag', Tefra - 'The Clown', Kraken - 'Life Beyond Life', Singuia - 'Pig Fuck', Sub-Form - 'Mindsai', Desecration - 'Bathroom Autopsy', 7th Child - 'Butchery of the Innocent', Chaos:Sphere - 'Drained', Zeus - 'Fear', Alberich - 'From Adam to Athens', Morbid Symphony - 'As Centuries Turn', Ragnarok U.K. - 'Be Him To HrefnaGod'

Random Death Bag
(words and music by max rael)

It's too late
A darkness grows inside.
It feasts on,
Human lies.

I’m still waiting,
For you to speak.
We’re being controlled.

Random Death Bag

Tuned to receive:
Made for us.

By the spirit,
Of evil,
Manifested in people,
Called society.

Random Death Bag

Random Death Bag

(c) liquid len records 1999
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