The Touch / Shallow (live at Sync City)
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1. The Touch (Alien/Rael/Stagger)
2. Shallow (live)

Recorded at Sync City Media recording studio in Tottenham. The Touch featured a live snare drum over one of Malcolm's beats. Shallow was recorded live in one take, which explains the couple of random drum sounds where Max hit the wrong drum pad!!
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The Touch

And as my depth fell away I stood still
And as my dreams crossed reality
And as my life felt like death
And as my mind crossed with you
And as we screamed the same
And as you flowed in...

And as we felt we tried inside
And as we cried we never lied
And as we live so what's true?
And as we die is this for you?
And as we fly, we must fall
And as we... so this is all

And there is a point
The point you won't cross
And there is the point
The point of human loss

Stand tall, hold all
Touch like we
Stand tall, fool all
Touch like we

(c) history of guns 1997


Walking through the hills
For the shadows calling
For the shadows calling on the hills
Walking through the dark
Walking through this messed up heart
We are walking strangers through the shadows
Of the dreaming...
It's your black dreaming
It's your black dreaming

In your shallow heart I see your life falling apart
I see the twisted glass reflect your face
Walk around with no disgrace with shadows dreams
And hallowed hills we see the scars that never heal
We walk around there's no disgrace
We walk around there's no disgrace

Tormented twisted crying out loud
See my face, you know I'm proud
We are twisted like your lies
We are twisted as your walking by
We are twisted shadows by night
Twisted shadows by the light
We are the nightmare that you dream

You've dreamed the nightmares no one else has seen
You've dreamed the nightmares so obscene
Walked through the dark now
With gargoyles on your back
See the twisted faces, there's no looking back
You've seen the changes
You've seen the changes

(c) history of guns 1997

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