Whitby October 2004 Promo


1. Random Death Bag (vs2.0) [1999]
2. Your Obedient Servants [2004]
3. Pattern Death (vs2.5) [2004]
4. L-M-S *deep mix* [2003]
5. Fact [2001]
6. Moonburn [2002]
7. Learning Curve [2003]
8. Reconstructing Terror [2001]
9. Secret Garden (vs4.0) [1999]
10. History Of Guns In Session [2004]

In a shameless attempt to boost History Of Guns profile, the band pressed up 500 copies of a limited edition promo cd to give away at the Whitby October 2004 Whitby Goth Weekend... what started as four tracks showing different sides of the guns rapidly spiralled into a 53 minute 10 track anthology, combining brand new tracks, a few classics and previously out of print rarities.

The cd was a surprise success, receiving glowing reviews and demand far exceeded supply. History Of Guns expressed regret at having limited the release to 500 copies, but that was it. Until...

Fortunately in early 2005 a box of 50 copies was returned from a distributor, and these are now for sale via the History Of Guns shop (whilst stocks last).

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