Complete Discography
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Nov'09 Diaspora LENDL01 free download
Jul'09 Spice Girls EP LENCD13 free download
Apr'09 It's Easy / Exhaust Fumes (remix) LINE10 order here 2nd single from Acedia
Oct'08 Empty Eyes / It's Easy LINE10 order here 1st single from Acedia
Jul'08 ACEDIA LINE10 order here First album for Line Out Records
Oct '07 Issue Six: Make It Look Like An Accident LINESAMP4 free download
Apr '07 Issue Five: Futurepunk23 In Session - free download
Oct'06 Issue Four: Whitby October 06 Promo - free download
Jul '06 Issue Three: POKER FACE - free download
May '06 Issue Two: ELECTRICTY IS THE ANSWER - free download Ltd to 55 copies
Mar '06 Issue One: UDDERS - free download Ltd to 44 copies.
Dec'05 APOHPENIA LENCD11 Buy from shop Second official album
Apr '05 Apospemia LENCD10 Free download Unused tracks from the Apophenia sessions
Oct '04 Whitby October 2004 Promo LENCD09FOC Out of print A promotional cd given away at Whitby Goth Weekend
Mar '04 Flashes Of Light LP LENCD08 click here to hear/buy History Of Guns first album proper.
Dec '03 Flashes Of Light - Part One LENCD07FOC Free ten minute promo of Flashes Of Light - Part One A ten minute excerpt from History Of Guns forthcoming album Flashes Of Light
  Aug '03 The Mirror Pond LP N/A Out of print History Of Guns second album was also abandoned due to lack of funding
Jan '03 The Mirror Pond EP LENCD05 Order from Dark Cell Digital The Mirror Pond writing/recording sessions produced twenty songs. Here's five of them!
Psycho / The Mirror Pond [edit] ? Out of print Two-track cd to raise funds for Mirror Pond LP
Aug '01 Liquid Guns GUNCD02 Out of print Free cd of electronica
Apr '01 Disconnect EP LENCD04 Order from MusicNonStop Recorded as a two-piece after the departure of founding bass player Stagger Lee
Sep '00  Enough Is Too Much LP LENCD02 Out of print The first History Of Guns album was cancelled due to lack of funding... a few promo copies escaped however and occasionally surface on ebay etc
Feb '00  Little Miss Suicide EP GUNCD01 Out of print The acclaimed debut cd EP release on Liquid Len Records
  Mar '98 The Touch / Shallow (live at Sync City)   Out of print Two track demo recorded at Sync City
coming soon Jan '97 Sold On Secrets n/a Out of print The second History Of Guns demo, recorded in Chelmsford
coming soon Jul '96 Reformation Day n/a Out of print The first History Of Guns demo, recorded in Tottenham

Compilation CDs

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  Apr '01  Tribal Sin FAFF01 Compilation CD includes the guns track, 'Psycho'. Available for 5 from Fallen Angel Distro, 36 North Drive, AEA Harwell, Oxon, 0X11 OPE, U.K
Jan '01  No Holy Additives IV FAFF01 Compilation CD includes the guns track, 'Reconstructing Terror'. Available from Neat Records
Jul '99 No Holy Additives Part 3 ELD009 Compilation CD includes the first song recorded at Dustman Studios, 'Random Death Bag' specially remixed with a re-recorded ending. Available from Neat Records
Mar '98 No Holy Additives - part 2 ELD006 Compilation CD includes the track, 'Secret Garden (vs 3.0)'Available from Neat Records

Other Projects/Releases

Worthless - Sick Of Doubt

This 3-track CD single features Max Rael on guitar/vocals, Gary Hughes on drums, and James Town on the bass.

Songs include: The Horrifying Cliches, Life Begins At 44 and The New Breed.


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