max lists

errrr... 'you are what you like' or so it says in high fidelity...

film directors (all of whom would get an invite to my celebrity party (esp. the dead ones))
orson welles, david lynch, stanley kubrick, david cronenburg, kevin smith, david fincher, quentin tarrantino, wes craven.
videodrome, who's afraid of virginia wolfe?, mrs parker and the vicious circle, lost highway, fight club (see rant).

Carter USM, Marillion, Fish, The Pixies, Sex Pistols, The Doors

i hate being talked at, ignorance/intolerance, the class system, denial of human rights, mass media, being interfered with, loneliness.

i love fi, writing, music, film, alcohol, LSD, S&M, Hollyoaks/Eastenders, Chocolate.