Yes yes yes revolution revolution revolution... but what are you actually doing about it? "Bitching about it online does not equate to doing something about it. It does not in any way make the world a better place. As a punk band once sported on their t-shirts, "talk minus action equals NOTHING"." - Lee Chaos
Where do you start? Here's a good place: CrimethInc

The Liquid Len Recording Company our dear sweet record label.

Medusa, evil snake lady or repressed symbol of female wisdom?
Read Alicia Le Van's final paper The GORGON MEDUSA

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Does the latest History Of Guns release, Flashes Of Light fill you with terror?... click here for help...

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Impermanence... it all seems so limitless, yet in a hundred years time everyone (give or take) will be dead. Read more

Information On The Fourth Dimension

Rather recommend one link in particular on this subject go to google and type in the words 'Columbus' and 'Genocide'.

Suffer from low self-esteem? Been told to recite nice things about yourself in the mirror, but would rather cut off your own hands? The following comes from the National Association For Self-Esteem (based in America) "Reciting positive affirmations about yourself (and hoping for results) is like wagging the tail of a dog in hopes of tail-wagging will make the dog happy. It won't. The dog must be happy first, and then its tail will wag."

History Of Guns have the tracks 'Secret Garden', 'Random Death Bag' and 'Reconstructing Terror' (see guns discography) included on volumes 2-4 of the No Holy Additives Compilation series compiled by Godreah
These compilations celebrate the British Underground scene, and although predominantly death and black metal, they also feature other genres from the underground including, goth, stoner etc.

Experimental black metal band The Meads Of Asphodel
- Metatron commissioned History Of Guns to write and perform the track, 'Jezebel and the Philistines' which appears on the first Meads album, 'The Excommunication Of Christ'.
- History Of Guns are credited with keyboards on a cover of Hawkwinds 'Assasins Of Allah' on the Meads anti-war E.P. 'Jihad'...
- History Of Guns' Max Rael co-wrote a couple and played keyboards on a few tracks of their second album, 'Exhuming The Grave Of Yeshua'...
Also the first 1000 copies of the cd feature the bonus track "Book Of Dreams - History Of Guns remix" >

Scene by Scene interview with David Lynch...

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In 2003/2004 Max Rael played with the dark atmospheric rock/metal band Begodden Mists

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