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Title: LIFE BEGINS AT 44  
artist: Worthless
written by: Max Rael
info: Vocals/Guitar: Max Rael | Bass: James Town | Drums: Gary 'The Reverend' Hughes
copyright: 1992

Title: i am defective  
artist: History Of Guns
written by: Max Rael
info: Instrumental track taken from the History Of Guns cd, 'LITTLE MISS SUICIDE EP'
copyright: 1999
link: History Of Guns website

Title: DANCING IN FOG (beyond the interzone mix)   coming soon!
artist: Fish
written by: Dick, Wesley, Young
remixed by: Max Rael
info: One of several Max Rael remixes commissioned by Fish for the Fellini Days Companion Disc... The disc, which features live tracks and three remixes by Max Rael, is available for five pounds from: Fish's shop
copyright: 2001 (used here by kind permission)
link: Fish's website

Title: VANESSA (the bite of leather mix)  
artist: Jo McCafferty
written by: Jo McCafferty
remixed by: Max Rael
copyright: 2004 (used here with kind permission)
link: Jo McCafferty's site