History Of Guns

'History Of Guns' were brought together by Stagger Lee on February 1st 1996 at The Vortex in Waltham X. Originally called 'Pre-Hate Machine', the line-up consisted of Stagger Lee on bass, Del Alien on vocals, Matt Scales on guitar and Max Rael on keyboards/drum programming. Despite coming from totally different musical backgrounds, it soon became clear that out of the chaos of noise, a distinctive style was emerging. Music to dance to, music to think to, music to die to. Early songs included 'All Gone' and the monumental 'SLIMELIGHT'.

By July 24th 1996, 'History Of Guns' were down to a three-piece. With Max Rael filling in on guitar in the studio, they recorded their now legendary 'Reformation Day EP' at Discipline Studios in Tottenham. Songs included: 'Tomb', 'Best of Me', 'Wildflower', 'No Longer The Fool' and the classic 'History Of Guns'. The music came from long improvised sessions, the band often playing for hours in the dark, only stopping for the occasional fight. Some of the words started life on paper but most were created as they fell out of Del Aliens mouth. The band designed covers and were soon building a small but dedicated following.
On January 12th 1997, 'History Of Guns' recorded their second EP 'Sold On Secrets' at Top Knotch studios in Colchester, with extra guitar work played by the hugely talented Gary Hughes. Songs included: 'Drip Fed', 'Distance Moving', 'Cyber' and 'No One Dies.'

Although 'History of Guns' have always been primarily a studio band, they were persuaded to break their live silence for a charity fundraiser on 13th July 1997 at the bands then headquarters: the Britannia Pub, Waltham X. With guest guitarists Teda, Chris Death, and a few surprises 'History Of Guns' played a memorable, well-received, hour-long set. 

In 1998, 'History Of Guns' hosted their chaotic second birthday party on February 7th at the Britannia Pub Waltham X, featuring DJ Expanse. Before they became too old to look good, they filmed an experimental live studio session entitled 'Exalted States'. Later in the year, the Guns recorded 'The Touch b/w Shallow' which messed with many peoples heads and prompted one fan to say in a voice that sounded like death itself, "you shouldn't play that music to.people." before collapsing into a catatonic state. 

At the start of 1998 History Of Guns were asked to submit a track for the compilation cd, 'Contains No Holy Additives 2'... in true guns style with time running out they booked an emergency recording session at Sync City and recorded a version of 'Secret Garden' 

Towards the end of 1998, bored of life, 'History Of Guns' decided to build their own studio. Although they had always had a good working relationship with the engineers on previous material, the advantages of being able to produce, mix and engineer everything themselves without having to go through a third party were obvious. The first track to be recorded was 'Random Death Bag', a special mix of which was recorded for the third installment of the 'No Holy Additives' compilation series.
Despite playing with a number of different guitarists, the guns have yet to find someone who can cope with their violent mood swings, petty squabbling, not to mention their alcohol problems. They still intend to recruit a new guitarist for possible future live work, but for the time being, Max Rael is playing rhythm guitar and they have once more asked Gary Hughes to spare some time from his various other musical projects to add his distinctive lead guitar.

History Of Guns are in the process of releasing their first single 'Little Miss Suicide'. 

i really should update this page!!! in a nuthsell, the Little Miss Suicide E.P. was released to general acclaim... the band were again asked to appear on the No Holy Additive compilation series 3 and 4 (tracks Random Death Bag, and Reconstructing Terror respectively)... Stagger Lee quit the band in December 2000... the band finshed recording the Disconnect E.P. in 2001 but financing problems led to the release being delayed until 2002...
As i write this, in October 2002, the Disconnect E.P. has received good reviews (see Press section) and sales have remained steady... the follow-up cd, The Mirror Pond E.P. which was recorded at the beginning of the year, is nearly ready for release...
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