Flashes (I)

It starts with these flashes. It's all about trying to make sense of the world, yourself, the universe and your place in it. This artificial reality, created to explain our existence just like the mythology of the ancient Greeks. We've created a society more than capable of turning a human to stone with one look of it's evil eyes. Millions of years of evolution for this? The more you know the less your're certain of. Question and deconstruct everything from the truth about Christopher Columbus to the subversion of Medusa.

Yes you could topple the world, but can you get out the door? Panicked eyes and rapid breath. I don't think we're paranoid, but how do you know if you're having a breakdown? As you/I approach breaking point there are these white flashes of light that only I/you can see. They are in our head. And it means we're close.

No go on machine electrics

(c) 2003 History Of Guns