History Of Guns in the real

May 25th 2005
The Purple Turtle (Camden, London)

setlist: intro, History Of Guns, Floodsback, Tomb, Empty Eyes, Slave, Powder, I Am / You Are, Secret Garden, Your Obedient Servants


scott deathboy: History of Guns were, to my delight, very much to my expectations - drunk, punk, breaky, chugs-and-venom. Some thoroughly enjoyable point between sneering, oozing dirt and head-banging live-industrial. Kept my interest from the start and delivered, alternately, catchy, tasty dirge and off-the-wall gristle.

fiifii: Well done guys you were all fab last night, especially pete's clapping in empty eyes!!! heeeheee

hughes the reverend: Good gig, so what we played sh*t

TD: It was fantastic. It says great things about the band if you can be that good on an off day.
Although with hindsight I'd rather they'd shown the football than had the two support bands. I mean, they were alright and everything, but we missed what appears to have been one of the greatest games of all time.

fester: We all drank too much.

amon(xykogen): History of Guns. I'd heard a couple of the freebie CDs that maxrael gives out like the Evil Alternative Santa that he is. They struck me as deeply and gloriously WRONG... music made purely out of passion, with a complete disregard for what the mainstream fashionistas tell us music has to be. A spit in the eye for every boy-band that ever was. As much as I was digging it on this level, I'm not sure I'd eased into the idea of listening to HoG for the tunes tho' - it was more like an attitude fix.
But now I think I can quite safely say that I have a New Favourite Bandô. They have the tunes, the power, and all the glorious wrongness you could ask for. The lead singer struck me as a little like Ian Drury in spirit, but maybe that was the whole anarchic art-punk '76 vibe that they had goin' on.
I'm assuming that the Goths (by which I mean not all goths, but those particular folks whose preferences in art & life are ruled by a peculiarly rigid code, almost as annoying as the mainstream they claim to be an alternative to)... sorry I'm back.... I'm assuming that the Goths must HATE History of Guns. These guys are professional, but as far as I can tell they could never be slick. There's too much beer & bile bubbling just beneath the surface.

GJ: it was brilliant and Del you're a star! Who'd have thought that from such humble beginnings of running round the Brit car park being chased by Stag, you'd end up such a great front man?!
And Max, what can I say - such lovely legs!
Let's face it HOG had so much heart.

del gun:I thougth we were sh*t,no really it was terrable,i just want to curl up and die..NO,sod it im off to the pub

wsteve: I want last night to happen again tonight. Shame it wasn't on a Friday, we could have got even more legless and woken up in a fountain or a pile of sick or something. Somebody had to wake me up on the train as I was sprawled over about three seats. Good effort! More more more.

ted: I thoguht it ewas good, even if you loy insist it wasnt, what do you know, you only have to the play the stuff, we, the consumers, are always right, in this big-shop-world.
bit more messy sounding than before, i liekd the addition of samples, though was del's micropohone at the wroing height, i seem to recall him walking on stage and bedning down singing at a weird angle (dr bob!), but masybe that weas deliberate, ot was it your knee?! but then i again was inebriated so i iamngined the whoile thing. Yes, all of it, includiung camden, and tyhe attendees.
I dreamt you lot up. I must be well messed up...
love and what you will,
I rem ain dear sirs,
Yours, &c.

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