History Of Guns in the real

Friday 21st April 2006 - Whitby Gothic Weekend - The Spa
with Swarf, Mysty Woods & GDM and Manuskript
setlist: History Of Guns, Kicking Down The Doors, Flashback, I Am/You Are, Empty Eyes, Powder, The Mirror Pond, Secret Garden, Your Obedient Servants

Friday Spa pictures

Saturday 22nd April 2006 - Whitby Gothic Weekend - The Metropole
with Swarf
setlist: History Of Guns, Kicking Down The Doors, Flashback, I Am / You Are, Empty Eyes, Tomb, Secret Garden Your Obedient Servants

Saturday Metropole pictures

AcornTorn: "Frankenstein were the best of the weekend for us, closely followed by History Of Guns, Swarf, Manuskript and The Spares."

Darkraven: "Frankenstien far and away the best band, really enjoyed them, History of Guns very good too.....met some new people and got to know a few a little better, a thoroughly good weekend... "

Spiritwalker: "we both had a fantastic time,was our first time and enjoyed every minute of it! already booked the guesthouse for october completely hooked,and yes frankenstein were superb also enjoyed history of guns would have prefered then with a later spot rather than first on.and now at least i know who the photograph of the man with the clanger is, in fact your on a few of our photos, wife went photo mad on the friday night,met some great people cant wait for october. "

Randal_the_randy_rubber_rat:" Well, I had a bloody good time! :) Best bands were Zombina & Frankenstein, as I thought they would be, but History of Guns were surprisingly good too."

CyberAndy: "I REALLY enjoyed History Of Guns (twice !?!) and Swarf - even thought I don't remember dancing with Gerbil (too much vodka !?!). Thought Manuskript were good and Misty 'entertaining'."

lindsaystrachea: "got to agree Frankenstein were fab and History of Guns a nice suprise."

oldgoth: "I enjoyed all the bands in varying degrees, some pleasantly surprised me, like History of Guns and some just plain baffled me (Misty wotsit) but all in all a great weekend."

Bexylu: "Weren't History of guns just so good!"

aatif: "I did rather like history of guns - for me the highlights (in the way of bands) were history of guns and Frankenstien....."

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