Never Say Goodbye
by Del Alien

It's strange, because the day had started so well...  A sunny day in Soho saying goodbye to a friend, who was going away over a drink or two...

Then the phone rang, it was Stagger wanting to know where Del was as he was meant to be going to the studio.  So he sank a few quickies, said goodbye and jumped into a black cab to meet Max in Cuffley.  They sank a few beers in the Cuffley Hotel whilst waiting for Gary, who was driving this week.  Once he arrived, they set off to Waltham Cross to pick up Max's equipment from Del's flat.

When they arrived it soon became clear that Del's flat had been turned over... no equipment.  Del rushed outside hurling abuse at everyone who happened by, shouting that he had no tolerance for those who stole...  He dragged an extremely upset Max across the road to where he believed the 'stolen' goods to be.  Max hammered on the door and said to the poor frightened women who opened it, "I hear you have some electrical goods for sale."  She claimed not to know anything about his rantings.  Just as Max rose up, Del's phone rang... it was Stagger Lee.

Now... what Del had forgotten in the haste to exit Soho was that he had asked Stagger to collect the equipment with a key from a neighbour and go and set up the studio.  On hearing this Max told Del in no uncertain terms how foolish he had been, and after a friendly rough and tumble they set off for the studio in Gary's car.

Nature called upon Del close to the studio so he requested an emergency stop and rushed off down an alley.  When he returned to the car, he was covered in blood and even more difficult to understand than normal.  It turned out that somehow a drainpipe had fallen on his head...

A concerned Gary recommended that they take him to the nearest hospital, but Max, determined that Del should suffer as much as possible insisted that they carry on with the rehearsal.
Once in the studio Stagger kept rushing in and out of the toilet, Del in and out of consciousness and Max in and out of a beer can.  Del achieved new vocal techniques lying on the floor, bleeding profusely making strange gurgling noises, occasionally standing up, but never for long.

Stagger left early due to some form of diarrhoea which was unfortunate, as he was holding the money.  Wading through the beer and blood Max, Del and Gary made their exit, with the promise to return the following week with the money.  This was acceptable, as they were 'good customers'.  The rest of the night remains to this day, a mystery, but the following week at the studio after paying they learnt that they were barred from ever playing there again, for leaving large pools of blood and the obliteration of a very expensive microphone that had hit the floor as many times as Del...

copyright 1999 Del Alien.  All rights resevered.