Whitby October 2004 Promo

Ravaged brain so sick of the excess, yet continually demanding more and more steps along the path to self-annihilation. Drink drink drink such a waste of money, paying for posion, fuelling fights, destroying livers, eroding personality, keeping us dumb and stupid and out out of the way of the government. It's not just drinking to excess, it's about going beyond excess. It's about pushing the boundaries, it's about keeping going and going and going until you can't physically go any further. It's about the end. It's about suicide. It's about pushing things to the point of collapse.
I'm not addicted to alcohol I'm addicted to escape.
And if I did stop, well what then? Think of all the agonising hours to fill, painfully aware of painful reality. All the murder, hatred, rape and abuse... The cold stark sober view of our slavery to money... The unavoidable decline to infirmity and death.
As skin greys and organs fail, your loved ones die and society considers you nothing but a burden. You can no longer afford to heat yourself or keep up with the latest technological advances and all you want is a blanket and a good book but they're forcing you into a nursing home where if you're lucky the staff will be just rude and patronising and if you're unlucky they'll be just like xxxxxx xxxxx metering out their own sick punishments at bathtime.

(c) 2004 max rael