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Pattern Death

Born from patterns we can’t see, we grew from nineteen numbers
On the holden crowd, the turin shroud… Dangerous pull of swirls… of consciousness

Make believe or maybelene, Christopher Columbus, the father of genocide
And still they laugh with their stupid brains force fed on lies within lies within the smallest eyes. Everyone and anything can change… anything…

Everything is nothing because nothing does exist
To understand nothing does exist is the point we can’t resist
To deviate this point we say nothing for you to understand
now nothing has become something now you understand

When you’re clear you see the patterns
Patterns within patterns, society is the disease
I red you blue these colours in my head, you said
"I preach" and "sanity is stupid" burn the constant
ever fearing burn.
We all waste ourselves. We all waste ourselves.

copyright liquid len records 2003

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