"This loss of identity then makes it still more imperative to conform, it means that one can be sure of oneself only if one lives up to the expectations of others. If we do not live up to this picture, we not only risk disapproval and increased isolation, but we risk losing the identity of our personality, which means jeopardizing sanity." (erich fromm)

Max Rael     |     Del Gun    

Stagger Lee (founding member) - Bass Guitar
Gary Hughes (1997 - 2009) - bass/guitars/drums
Chris White (2008 -> ) Guitar
The Goose (2003-2006) - Bass. (2006) - Guitar.
Fester (2004 - 2007) - Guitar
Kevin Gerish (2001-2002) - Bass

People who came and jammed:
Teda - Guitar, Matt Scales - Guitar, Chris Death - Guitar, Baz - Guitar, Metatron - Sonic vibes , Austin - Vocals, Daaaan Vincent - Guitar/Bass, Jon Sick - Lead Guitar